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E-mail Link Problem


However, you might try using the "URLEncodedFormat()" function to safely convert invalid URL characters into legal ones. I had forgotten when I originally fixed it on my iOS device that I had it connected to iTunes on my Mac. iOS 9.3 beta 3 — What's New? It worked just as you said. http://filevox.com/not-working/email-link-wont-work.html

Pingback: Unable To Open Links In Safari, Mail Or Messages On IOS 9.3 | Ben Collier() RosynaKeller You can skip all the weird blocker, search engine, and Safari steps, they very disappointed! Fact is, booking.com was one I added recently so it made sense that it might be the culprit. Just follow this link to his site. https://www.timeatlas.com/outlook-hyperlinks-fail-to-work/

Email Links Not Working Iphone

It’s so convenient to click the link in the email and have the correct web page open. One thing to note is that the \n will only work as breaks in text-only email, not HTML. As you suggested, I've now turned off JavaScript. She's so frustrated by it that she's considering just powering it off until Apple releases a reliable fix.

Question is: what triggered it? iPhone 5S Version 9.2.1. Tried both links many times (even with additional steps of dis-connect wifi from PC), none of them worked. Hyperlink Not Working In Word iOS 9.3 is a problem!

I´ll check with the settings. Unfortunately for me, I tried this 7 times in a space of 3 hours, still no luck. RosynaKeller It only affects people that had their iOS device download the association data for the week ending March 28th, when booking.com replaced the bad file with a good file. http://internethelp.centurylink.com/internethelp/email-trouble-centurylink.html Turn on everything you disabled or changed in steps 6-8.

Sometimes Popular Unable to open links in Safari, Mail or Messages on iOS 9.3 Javascript - Is an Object Empty? Hyperlinks Not Working In Outlook 2016 Troubleshoot the Computer Start Over a. Try this: Clic k here to reply Let me know what happens; like you said earlier, it might just be the email client software. I won't bore you with all the details and get to the point: the method I wrote up below fixed the issue on my iPhone 6S Plus.

Hyperlink Not Working In Outlook

Update — 29/03/2016, 18:07 Ben Collier has posted an updated recipe — 2.0 if you will — which might help those of you who didn't luck out on mine. https://bencollier.net/2016/03/unable-to-open-links-in-safari-mail-or-messages-on-ios-9-3/ Thanks again, grantmeister grantmeister Guest September 1st,08:06 PM #6 Re: Mailto mail link problem grantmeister, Unfortunately, that must be some kind of quirk with Lotus. Email Links Not Working Iphone Still not following links in Google searches. Email Links Not Working Android If nothing matches it opens it up as a standard app.

For example, in the filename picture.jpg, the extension is '.jpg'. http://filevox.com/not-working/e-mail-shortcuts-dont-work.html The Booking.com app caused this. I think most are stuck until Apple creates a program to clean out/restart the swcd process on the devices. This was my last resort solution after trying all of the fixes mentioned above multiple times for four hours last night without achieving the desired result. Hyperlink Not Working In Excel

for something so simple its frustrating. function string_to_html_ascii($string) { $ascii = NULL; for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($string); $i++) { $ascii.= '&#'.ord($string[$i]); } return($ascii); } $mailto_ascii='mailto:'; $email = string_to_html_ascii('[email protected]'); echo 'email me'; zcorpan 2013-08-12 13:16:53 Note: It might just be a power off then on again after getting the most recent version of Booking.Com. http://filevox.com/not-working/e-mail-links-don-t-work.html jiggar Guest September 1st,04:10 PM #5 Re: Mailto mail link problem Hi jiggar, No joy I'm afraid...Lotus Notes seems interpret the ?

Freek Paans Ok. Outlook Hyperlink Greyed Out Within these tags I am inserting a mailto link Click here to reply The problem is that the subject lines in the reply msg are questions and need a Appreciate any comments.

iOS 9.3.1 Is Out — It Fixes the Safari / Mail / Messages Link Bug Related posts iOS 9.2 Beta 4—What's New?

I read that Twitter had a app association file that was several megabytes. A long press on a broken link causes the app you're in to crash, otherwise a standard tap highlights the link but nothing happens. Want More Tips & Tools? Outlook Mailto Link Not Working How can I correct that?

b. Run the Booking.com app. When asked if you want to accept notifications and/or GPS access, do not grant them access! (Just say no.) Double-click the Home button to launch the multitasking screen and kill Press Sync, to actually install the app. weblink If not, then go to the next step — this should not be an issue.

force 2013-08-05 05:46:57 UTC #9 If you want to encode the HTML characters and still use a mailto link, you will also need to encode the "mailto:" as well. Freek Paans Wait.. I did follow the (very nicely clear) instructions exactly. PicnicTutorials 2013-08-04 13:04:51 UTC #6 zot said: Thanks Stevie D and felgall for your replies.